Tony Bodimead - Lead vocals & Guitars

Intense, loyal, moody, insomniac. Hangs around DIY stores looking at power tools for hours on end. Started playing in bands from a very early age and lived in various parts of the country, Glasgow, Bristol, Kent, London and Lincolnshire. Played in Prog Rock outfits, Heavy Rock, and commercial pop acts. Just picking up as much experience as possible. Toured in bands around Britain and Europe for a few years as headline and support. Did a lot of session work in London.

Been signed and had records released with GEM, RCA, Polydor, MCA and Abstract through Chappels, EMI and GTO Publishing "When playing live I use Peavey Wolfgang guitars with a few well chosen effects. For amplification I use a Marshall rig and a Roland JC120. For studio work I use a similar set-up but I also use a Strat, a Telecaster, a Takamine electro acoustic and an old Ovation electro acoustic.

I enjoy the studio environment as it gives me a chance to experiment with different sounds. I collect old vintage pedals and I'm not afraid to use them"! "I enjoy bands like Muse, Linkin Park, Cave In, Limp Biskit, Placebo, Garbage, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Janes Addiction, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, Saga, Max Webster, Morcheeba, Sneaker Pimps, Chemical Brothers, Jason Feddey, Van Halen, King Crimson, Marylin Manson, Faithless, Utah Saints, Genesis, Heart, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Gypsy Kings, Buena Vista Social Club, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Blue Nile, Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, John Martin, Aimee Mann, XTC, Simon & Garfunkel, Yello, Talk Talk ".

"Best piece of advice I was given was.... "Sometimes it's what you don't play that counts".

Influences: Jeff Beck, Alex Lifeson, John Barry, Dave Gilmour, Adrian Belew, Robert Johnson, Steve Cropper, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Randy California, Frank Marino, Brian May, Peter Frampton, Jimmy Page, Hank Marvin, Roy Buchanan, Manites De Plata, Ronnie Wood, The Edge, Alan Murphy, Jan Akerman.

Favourite films: Blade Runner, Hobson's Choice, Shrek, A Matter of Life and Death, The Million Pound Note, Ground Hog Day, The Piano, Delicatessen, Erazerhead, Leon, Naked Civil Servant and of course... Spinal Tap!

Favourite food: Chocolate, Indian, chocolate, Italian, did I mention chocolate?!! Favourite sports: Cycling, Kick-Boxing and anything with women wearing very little in a compromising position.

A few last words.... servomechanism, nipple, parallelogram.